Monday, January 07, 2008
An Update on Mom and Gary
When I posted recently, and mentioned being concerned for my Mom who was overwhelmed with caring for one of my brothers, I got several comments that you'd been wondering where she was. It never even occurred to me that some of you might wonder why on earth she hasn't posted since before Christmas.

Since Barb and I are sometimes Mom's techno-assistants, I have the codes to her blog, and realized I could pop in and give you an update.

She's fine. And more importantly our brother is fine. Gary had what was originally thought to be appendicitis, and when he got into surgery they realized it had ruptured, leaving a serious tear several days before. What had been leaking into his system had been doing damage for awhile. All of this within days of Mom trying to move into her new little house in the middle of Denver snowstorms, and she didn't have phone service or internet.

After 6 days in the hospital, he finally went home two days ago. He and Mom both lost 5 lbs, so it's hard to say who it was harder on! Our entire family is thankful he's out of danger, on the mend and happy to be back home. We're also glad to know Mom isn't running all over creation, and spending much of her day at the hospital with him.

She has phone service again, boxes abound at her place but she told me she's realized there are more things going on in the universe besides her moving and they can just wait, she's back at work, and hopefully internet service is sometime in the near future. I did see the Denver weather forecast for today and more snow is on it's way.

I know you'll all welcome her back when she finally makes her way here again. In the meantime, what makes blogging so wonderful is the care and concern we develop for each other, and I thought you'd like to know that she's alright, just a bit buried with boxes and snow and running to get prescriptions, etc. etc. If you drop by to leave her a comment, I'll pass those on to her next time she and I chat on the phone. xoxoxo Bev

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