Tuesday, September 01, 2009
Getting on with the Miscellaneous of Life.
Here I am again, hoping to bring you something more interesting than knee replacements. Earlier this year I bought a nice Daytimer, kidding myself that I would use it properly. But stil I try, and so I filled up more than half of it,
with medical appointments and birthday reminders, and a few social things, but clearly, my life needed more excitement than these.

Because of the surgeries, I couldn't sit at the computer much for several weeks, and had already given up on dealing with changes in TV reception. So all I had left, for a while, was books. Lots of them, and soon I was in a make believe paradise. Never, not in my entire life, have I had so much time to enjoy getting lost in them. So far I have about four or more started, and it all depends on the frame of mind I'm in. That determines which one gets me today.

I was more than a little surprised how entrenched the old paycheck mentality kept tugging at me. Did not realize it governed even how long I chose to read.
How easily we let ourselves be controled by the very thought of that scares me.

This nice down time may end soon, but I'll not forget what I learned while living it. Could have done without dealing with the skunks that seemed so determined to live beneath my house; and I certainly didn't need that unexpected leak in my roof, but my son helped much with both of those problems, and today he trimmed hanging tree limbs, some of which were getting tangled with electric lines.

I can't tell you how very blessed I am he's nearby, and helps so much. Years ago, when my sons and daughters were almost devouring our set of World Books, that Bev at "Scratchin' the Surface", or "Life of Grits" wrote about today, in her post called "Look It Up", I didn't realize what else they were learning. Not that they always wanted to, but I knew they must, and it's paying off today. While they absorbed their required school work, somehow in the process, maybe because I cared enough to teach them how to learn, they also learned they were loved, and now it's coming back, many times, to me.

As a mom, and sometimes as a grand Ma, I worry about family situations, but today when I drove up out front, and son and grandson were carfully pulling big tree limbs with a rope behand his van, to take them someplace, having designated grandson to walk near the limbs, to keep them going safely, the whole contrived scene of it struck me as so humerous, haven't had such a happy laugh in I don't know when. When I asked son how he thought of doing that with the tree limbs, he said something about having seen it somewhere, maybe people clearing land, but I don't think that idea came from World book. Still, I could be wrong. I know, I know; Look it up.

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