Sunday, October 04, 2009
The Fog, and a Song, and more
Except for a wonderful road trip with daughter, Bev recently, not much going on here, until an unexpected phone call a few days ago, and a friendly voice introduced herself, and asked if we might take time to meet while she was in Colorado for a Compassion international conference. It was Andrea, from "Decipher The Fog" in blogging land.

I hurried home from church so I wouldn't miss her, and patiently waited, checking the front yard more often than needed, and reading more of the paper, then there she was, in the driveway, getting something from the back of her rental car. Gifts, not just one, but a few of them.

Her Mom, Darlene, at "Thankful For The Thorns, also surprised me with a beautiful setting that looks mirrored, of the famous "Footprints in the sand" story. I plan to make a special place to set it. There were other surprises, but the "Footprints" is my favorite.

How nice, that Andrea drove quite a ways so we could meet. If you could spend time with her, as I did today, you'd immediately know she's a very caring person. Both of us knew our time together was fleeting, so we hurried to cover many things. What I especially noticed was how more alive she seemed, when talking about what "Compassion International" does for children.

I'm probably not explaining enough about it, but am almost certain Andrea will as soon as she completes the trip, From what I've heard so far, it seems to be a rescue mission that helps a huge number of desperately needy children. I'll leave the details to someone who knows much more about it.

Not all of our visit was serious thinking. A few times we laughed about other things, but when you get someone who wants the fog deciphered, and another who dreams of a heavenly song about the wind, it is probably given that we'd weigh heavily toward the serious, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather be serious with. Thank you so much, Andrea, for making such a beautiful visit.

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